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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 18, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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the director and al paccino are coming back together to make "happy valley" with the life and times of joe paterno. it can't believe this. but if he wants to play him, more power to you. >> eric: he played a coach, right? >> bob: professional. >> eric: "sunday something." >> bob: "any given sunday." >> andrea: are you shocked they would make a movie about this? >> bob: shocked al pacino plays -- >> greg: he played "scarface." is this worst? i'm going to do my one more thing or are you still going to talk? >> andrea: mr. i don't talk more than andrea. >> greg: i don't have time for it. the buy i was trying to think of trying to quote is the great dennis prager. i couldn't remember his name. people on twitter -- >> bob: but the truth is greg didn't have a one more thing. >> greg: we had a banned phrase.
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but i'll sulk instead. >> dana: lance armstrong used a banned phrase. >> greg: 17 of them. mine today was culture of it. just look at the viewers and wave. goodbye. ♪ ♪ >> bret: some americans are free. others are still held hostage and at least one is believed to be dead in north africa. trying to separate the facts from the fiction in a fluid terrorist situation in algeri algeria. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we begin again tonight with the confusing and often contradictory information we are getting out of algeria regarding the fate of hostages held by islamist terrorists. earlier reports that the ordeal was over was premature. we are told some americans are safe. some are still hostage and at
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least one is dead. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is with an update of still breaking story. good evening. >> good evening. one american has been killed at the b.p. oil complex. the u.s. officials identified him as frederick boutaccio, texas resident that had an heart attack when algerians attempted a rescue yesterday. u.s. officials recovered his remains on friday and notified his family. tonight the standoff is ongoing and dangerous for those being held. >> exchange for two american hostages, the kidnappers want two convicted terrorist released from u.s. prisons. the blind sheikh, who is incarcerated for life for his role in the 1993 world trade center bombing. and sadikibe, a pakistani neuroscientist who shot two american seasonals in afghanistan. the state department immediately ruled that out. >> the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> the state department pentagon and white house all were quick to call the attack
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terrorism. >> let's not forget, this is an act of terror. >> perpetrators are terrorist. >> terrorists should be on notice. that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria. not in north africa. not anywhere. >> the u.s. military sent c-130 and c-17 transport plane to evacuate wounded but the algerians are rejecting any foreign counter terrorism help at the b.p. complex. >> this happened so fast. those who escape describe how the algerian military strifeed a convoy of five buses leaving the compound, hitting the first four. irish hostage who escaped told his brother the attackers put bomb belts on them as they were transferring them by bus
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to another part of the facility. others praised the action of the algerian military. >> fantastic. >> never been so relieved. i just want to come and go as off-site. >> yesterday, the algerians told the british and the american counterparts that the incident at oil facility was over. >> he told me the first operation wasn't complete but this is a large and complex site and they are still pursuing terrorists and possibly some of the hostages in other areas of the site. last summer, egyptian president mohammed morsi was the first to call for the blind sheikh. and protesters outside the u.s. embassy wore costumes. at the same time, the u.s. consulate in benghazi was
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stormed. >> on 9/11, when benghazi occurred. decree take american prisoners, western hostages in exchange for, as you mention the release of the blind sheikh in united states. >> fox news confirmed that the b.p. general manager mark cob had escaped with some of his algerian staff and is safe. secretary clinton urged the algerian government not to take actions that could jeopardize those still being held but the algerians have a long history with jihadist and they have shown they won't let hostage takers get out alive. >> we'll head back for breaking details. thank you. >> turning to the u.s. economy. consumer sentiment at the lowest sentiment for more than a year. reuters survey showed 35% of consumers have a negative reaction to fiscal cliff negotiations. the dow finished up 54. the s&p 500 gained five. the nort nasdaq lost one. there is word tonight that republicans may be willing to give a little now to get something back later.
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we are talking about the debt ceiling. versus spending cuts. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports on the house g.o.p. winter retreat in virginia. >> at the house g.o.p. retreat in williamsberg, virginia, the leaders decided they will pass three-month temporary increase to give them time to finalize a budget. speaker boehner said before there is long-term debt limit increase a budget should be passed that cut spending. the house g.o.p. whip hinted at the strategy. >> our hope is to pass something early so the senate can take action as well. i wouldn't be jeopardizingor economy there. it shows it's a rational, put us on a better path. and i would hi the american public could support it and the senate as well. >> fox news poll reveals 83% think government spending is out of control. up five points from two years ago. 69% of those surveyed say the debt limit should only be raised after major cuts. aides to the number two senate
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republicans does not support giving president obama a blank check but told "houston chronicle" editorial board, "we will raise the debt ceiling. we are not going to default on our debt." he went on to say "i tell you unequivocally we are not going to default." cornyn notes there will be tax revenue coming in and said it may be necessary to partially shut down the government to secure the long-term fiscal well-being of the country. white house aides just want congress to get it done. >> the point is without drama and delay, monthly extension is drama. okay? so congress should do its job. we're not going to negotiate over extending the debt ceiling. >> though the house is planning something short-term to force the senate to the a budget. >> just the structure, moving something on a shorter term, what we are discussing is something that all could support. it's reasonable. but also very constructive for america themselves. >> spokesman for the senate majority leader harry reid
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says if the house pass a clean debt ceiling incress, the senate will be happy to consider it. jay carney at the white house called for passing a clean debt limit deal without delay. leading republicans are saying without a budget that includes a real plan to reduce the deficit, the nation faces the threat of a credit downgrade. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. sticking with the tet and deficit issues, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are talking about what to do in a worse case scenario. the government not having enough money to pay its bills. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports on a possible short-term solution that is getting a long look by some people. >> with the white house refusing to negotiate spending cuts and the democrat controlled senate unlikely to pass a budget as part of a long-term deal to raise the tet ceiling, pat toomey of pennsylvania is reintroducing legislation he says will avert the u.s. from defaulting on the debt. >> we must prioritize three categories of payments. one would be debt service, interest on the debt so we would haven't default.
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a second would be social curt payment to seniors so they don't worry whether the check is coming or not. the third is pay for the active duty military personnel. >> the white house is not interested. >> let's be real here. there is no off-ramp. there is no way to mitigate is t horrific economic consequences of default. >> president obama warned republicans the refusal to raise debt ceiling unconditionally will make them responsible for laundry list of dire consequences. >> food inspectors, specialists tracking down loose nuclear materials wouldn't get paychecks. investors around the world will ask if the united states of america is in fact a safe bet. >> he will suggest every cat lizm that could occur.
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they clashed with the administration in 2011. treasury said the legislation to prioritize payment would represent default by another name. it would bring about the same katzic economic consequences. idea was dismissed by the administration. derided, castigateed and described as reckless and irresponsible and unworkable. >> paul ryan, the powerful chairman of the house committee and former g.o.p. vice presidential nominee said all options clouding prioritization remain on the table. ryan suggest itig the divided government and gridlock if the long-term deal is achievable it will take time to negotiate it. failing that, toomey and ryan said it's the only available course. >> bret: is it tough to do? if you have the law in place is it tough for budget folks to implement it? >> very tough. no president wants to give up flexibility.
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president wants the white house back. they don't want the hands tied by congress if the shoe is on other foot. >> bret: thank you. >> some people brought you obamacare want to control what you hear about it on the news. up next, obamacare was intended to get more people on health insurance. is it already costing you money this or even your job in that's next. fficiently absorbedl continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> bret: if you work in the retail or fast food industry or for municipality government or a charity you may already feel effects of the president healthcare reform law. tonight chief national correspondent jim angle on the unintended consequences that are very real. >> small business account for two-third of all new jobs but that may be changing as they attest the burden of obamacare which forces them to provide coverage if they employ more than 50 workers. >> not just any coverage but once size fits all got designed plan with the
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specified essential benefits. that will cost about twice as much as what many employers currently provide. on top of that, we have seen literally almost 100% increase in the last decade. for the small business premiums going up. how exactly does this law address this? it doesn't. >> one way to avoid the burden of the new law is keep the workforce below 50 employees or limit workers' hours to less than 30 per week, defined at part-time. incentive not to create more jobs. >> number one, don't hire. youent to want to get above 50. number two, don't let them work more. keep them part-time if possible. >> many businesses across the country are doing just that. 100 workers at wendy's outlets in omaha had their hours cut because the employer said he couldn't stay in business with the added cost of insurance. 50 full-time workers at taco bell in guthrie, oklahoma, were cut to part-time. some papa john pizza stores said they couldn't compete if they had to pay the cost of
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insurance. same for subway sandwich shop, carl's junior and hardee's. cities, too. cedar fall, idaho cut hours. even non-profit such as the community colleges are cutting hours to avoid cost of insurance for which the got specifies generous benefit. >> it will add $1.79 hour every hour to cost of hiring a full-time worker. >> for small businesses, dea dealing with the recommendation of who covers the mandate is a financial burden. >> they are paying 36% more than larger counterparts for compliance. >> only washington could develop the employer mandate that reduces the hikelihood that employers will offer on the job coverage. >> ceo of whole foods is so incensed as he referred to obamacare as farbnism and he later pulled back. >> it's very government controlled and it's more government controlled. so it's the opposite of free enterprise capitalism. >> the regional federal
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reserve bank recently asked small businesses what effects they're hiring. many pointed to the uncertainty of the new healthcare law as a major impediment. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. if you own, or work in a small business, is your company making pre-emptive cuts because of obamacare? let me know on twitter. follow me@bretbaeir. unemployment rates dropped in 22 states last month. they were up in 16. unchanged in 12. nevada and rhode island share the highest job lest rate at 10.#%. the usual suspects with an unusual job. the obama re-election team is morphing to a political advocacy group. you will recognize many of the players. chief white house correspondent ed henry on the first of its kind move. president obama's final campaign ended 7 # days ago. or did it? adding new meaning to term "permanent campaign" the president is converting the
3:18 pm
chicago campaign apparatus to a non-profit lobbying group. aimed to pressure congress to support the second term agenda quickly after monday's inaugural. >> i think you will see the strength of the campaign organization turn over to the new issue advocacy organization. and put their muscle behind passing comprehensive immigration reform. passing responsiblebe gun safety measures. >> the group launchs sunday at obama campaign legacy conference in washington. at the helm, will be the president's campaign manager. jim messina and other familiar faces. stephanie cutter, robert gibbs and david axelrod. a team that has now won two big races. although the republicans note campaign style pressure on the moderate democrats like saturday joe manchin over gun control may not play well in red states like west virginia. >> they found this for example in the battle over healthcare where they took the people they had in 2008 and found it difficult to motivate them on behalf of the healthcare initiative. >> the president begins his second term with 47% of the
3:19 pm
country approving of his job performance in a new fox poll. 18 points lower than four years ago. the public appears frustrated about the fiscal cliff deal. when asked whether their paycheck is smaller this year because more taxes are being taken out, 60% said yes. only 25% no. >> shovel ready was nots shovel ready as we expected. >> now comes word the president's job council, business and labor leaders tasked with helping the deal with stubbornly high unemployment has not had an official meeting in the full year. white house officials note the president has had plenty of other meetings in recent month and say the electorate believes he has done a good job trying to deal with the economic crisis. >> the steps we have taken have been the right steps. more work needs to be done. >> aides tell me the president has already been through several drafts of the inaugural address to focus on the big picture, finding common ground on tough issues. he will leave policy details, i'm told on guns, debt and
3:20 pm
immigration reform to the "state of the union" address next month. bret? >> ed henry, thank you. tomorrow is gun appreciation day. tonight we have new polling on the gun issue. 71% of those surveyed say tougher laws will not prevent an act like the newtown, connecticut, school shootings. 22% disagree. 58% think there would be less violent crime if more people had guns. 28% say banning guns would lead to less crime. more polls in a bit. the t.s.a. is removing some of the full body scanners at airports. the machines that use x-rays to produce detailed images should be gone by june because of privacy concerns. the other kind that show stick figure images will remain. still ahead, big dropoff if interest where president obama's second inauguration. what does it mean for security? first, have you met or had the flu yet?
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to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag
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>> bret: huge victory for scott walker. federal appeal court upheld in entirety the state's law stripping most public workers of collective bargaining rights. last march, district judge declared parts of it illegal. today, the seventh circuit court of appeal said the law is constitutional. doctors at the center of disease control say a bad flu season is getting worse. this the latest activity map from the cdc. the flu is widespread almost every. certain groups of people are more at risk than others.
3:25 pm
>> jonathan serrie explains from atlanta. >> this is a really bad year from elderly. >> this is a high hospitalization rate for elderly. for laboratory proven flu is 82 per 100,000 people 65 years of rage and older. >> he says this is typical of the flu seasons when h3n2 is the dominant strain. it's also harsh on the very young and blamed for the deaths of 29 children this season. federal health officials expect the rate of fatality and hospitalizations to continue to increase in next week. >> average flu season lasts 12 weeks. this is week six. we're about in the middle. but only time will tell exactly what happens this year. >> manufacturers estimate production of the flu vaccine this season at 145 million doses. 10 million more than originally expected.
3:26 pm
so public health officials say it's not too late for physicians to order more if they face temporary shortage. this week, food and drug administration approved a flu block, new vaccine manufacturered without the normal process of growing flu viruses in chicken egg. in a written statement, fda official explains the new technology offers potential for the faster startup of the vaccine manufacturing process in the event of pandemic because it's not dependent on egg supply or availability of the influenza virus. for those who get the flu, tamiflu are effective to prevent symptoms and prevents complications, like hospitalization especially taken early. >> thank you. >> international news now. two car bombs exploded in southern syria today. one report says five people were killed there. rocket slammed in this building in aleppo. activists put the death count there at 12. u.n. weapons inspectors are in
3:27 pm
vienna tonight after unsuccessful negotiating trip to iran. they were unable to resume a deal for that country's nuclear program. iran demanding limited probes and access to western intelligence information. amazing information on just how tough new york new gun control law really is. perhaps bad optics for house republicans in their retreat. grapevine is next.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. new york's new gun law is so sweeping that as written, it would effect police officers. the new rule which takes effect in march been as high capacity magazines. meaning more than seven rounds. local tv station reports there is no exemption for law enforcement. most police officers carry handguns with a 15-wound capacity. spokesman for the governor's office says some details are still being worked out. there will be an extension eventually. group that helped lay the groundwork for obamacare is sponsoring a symposium to train journalists to report on obamacare. the daily caller writes the commonwealth fund is holding a two-day session hosted by the editors and writers. offering specialized education and healthcare reporting and boost knowledge of the affordable healthcare act. a former obama administration
3:32 pm
official who worked in the health and human services department will be one of the speakers. the commonwealth fund current president is a former healthcare advisor to president obama. the group's analysis of the healthcare policies of president obama and the republican channeler romney was criticized for partisan bias. finally we told you earlier house republicans are holding their annual retreat at the virginia king mill resort, which is located on the former site of kingsville plantation. charge review online robert costas said the source showed the schedule. shook his head in frustration. 10:15 friday, burrwell plantation. coalition discussion on the successful is communication with minorities and women. a blogger noted that makes two republicans who realize there could be a problem with optics when the g.o.p. holds panel on successful communications with minorities at a plantation. this weekend's inauguration festivities in
3:33 pm
washington will be on a much smaller scale, of course, than four years ago but that does not mean security will be relaxed. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with a preview. good evening. >> good evening. this event is an nfsd, national specific security event. which means the secret service is the lead agency for security and f.b.i. is lead agency for intelligence counterterrorism and investigation. earlier in week, fox news with the other media organizations toured the command center for secret service at undisclosed location in washington. this is a central coordination center for real-time information. secretary napolitano told reporters that months of planning is involved. >> starting on sunday, it will operate continuously through the inaugural events and including over to tuesday, january 22. >> protecting an event this large and complex, requires a lot of coordination and
3:34 pm
organization. >> latest information today is there is no specific or credible threat to the inauguration but as the f.b.i. explained the intelligence is constantly being evolved. >> that is something that we will continue to monitor. what we do ask is that the public, those who are attending the event keep the eyes and ears open and report any suspicious activity to the local law enforcement or the f.b.i. >> those who covered this in the past say this is the longest and toughest mile from the capital building to 1600 pennsylvania avenue where the president and the first lady are the most exposed. >> there is a premium on the ability to do surveillance and at this moment, one of the most heavily surveilled places on the planet will be that mall, that last toughest mile. the second is then to be able to do rapid reaction.
3:35 pm
>> so on the day we'll have that visible physical security and the security that is not obvious. and but clearly equally important. >> bret: well, we have complete coverage here on fox. kathryn, thank you. cycling legend and cancer crusadeer lance armstrong admitted using performance enhancing drugs. he had an interview with oprah and admitted lying about doping. he's been tripped of his victories. his explanation, "i'm a flawed character." wrapping up the story on this show we are still waiting to hear from the notre dame star manti teo but the claim of being duped by nonexist about the online girlfriend who is said to have died from leukemia is being bolstered somewhat tonight. espn is reporting friend of the alleged hokester said the man admitted at it month ago and said teo was the victim and two other people come forward claiming a relative was fooled in the same way by
3:36 pm
the same person. we did a panel on it last night. we thought we would wrap up the week giving you that info. republicans suggest a little give on the debt ceiling. but demand a budget from congress first. the fox all-stars talk about it when we return. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. is a fantastic experience. 30 shrimp for $11.99. i can't imagine anything better. you're getting a ton of shrimp, and it tastes really good! [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's 30 shrimp for just $11.99! choose any two of five savory shrimp selections, like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp.
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our hope is to pass something very early so the senate can take action as well. i wouldn't put any jeopardizing, any of the economy there. it shows it is a very rational, put us on a better pathism would think all the american public could support it and the senate as well. >> a long tradition here of congress acting to raise the debt ceiling. the power they brought, they have given themselves to do. the point is without drama and delay. monthly extension is drama. so what, you know, congress should simply do its job. not going to negotiate over
3:40 pm
extenting the debt ceiling. >> bret: well, this is what republicans have come up with. out of the meeting in williamsburg, virginia, they have come up with this on their plan. a three-month debt ceiling increase. debt limit increase contingent on the senate passing a budget. which they haven't done in quite some time. and no spending cuts except congressional members pay without budget. basically, congressional members can't get paid without spending cuts. let's bring in the panel. we talk about all of this. steve hayes for "weekly standard." charles lane, opinion writer for "washington post." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer who by the way wrote an editorial column said this -- "offer to extend the debt ceiling through say may 1 in exchange for the senate delivering a budget by the date, after four years of lawlessly refusing to produce one." charles, how did you come up
3:41 pm
for this idea. >> came to me in the shower. that is where i get all the ideas. i don't somehower with the house republicans. >> bret: this came out before, well before this decision. >> haven't talked to him. >> no. it came out online thursday. republicans proposed similar idea today. i have no idea how it arose in their caucus. the conclusion i came to is this. republicans tried bringsmanship. now twice under obama. with the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling. and got shellacked. gingrich tried it twice with the shutdowns. in the '90s. he got shellacked. if you are in an opposition you cannot gob from the house. what do you do? i thought the way to go ahead is do an incremental debt
3:42 pm
ceiling hikes where you ask for something relatively small but unassailable. what are the democrats going to say? we will allow america to go to default because we refuse to ask the democratic senate to pass a budget which under law it has to do and it hasn't for 48 months? if you make a demand that is popular, unavailable and reasonable and a small demand then you change the debate about who is being unreasonable. who is taking america to the brink. i am happy that the republican house decided to go ahead with this. >> bret: chuck, what about this? how does it play? what happens? >> for once charles and white house agree. because charles is happy with it and the white house is pronounced itself encouraged by what the republicans did. i don't think they have much
3:43 pm
choice but to pronounce themselves encouraged because as charles pointed out it's almost a clean debt bill. it's a little longer than carney's thing they said they would be against, one month at a time. it's three months at a time. the ball is in their court. i have to say, the president is still sorely tempted to continue pushing. he sees he has gotten a confession. >> other than the fact that senate has to pass a budget. when they put the president's budget up for a vote in the senate, it failed -- >> right. we have a sequester and the continuing resolution coming up. right? there is going to be a temptation, on his part to say you guys we can't negotiate over those things either. i think he has the option to engage and negotiate and produce the budget, something that will pass the senate. i think the pattern so far suggests that he is going to continue to push.
3:44 pm
we'll see. >> bret: this does strike a chord with people at home. they sit around the table, right, steve? say i have to do a budget. why doesn't washington. why don't if they have to increase credit card, why shouldn't they have to pass a budget first? >> further, if they don't do their job, they don't get paid. a huge common sensical element. there is a feeling on two levels. one is a good argument to take to the american people in washington. beyond the three and 400 reporters here who felter everything and present it to the country. on the other hand, this also will help those people, those people in washington refocus on who exactly is to blame and what exactly it is that we are talking about. remember, house republicans have passed paul ryan's budget twice. it does two things that the president budget never does that senate democrats punted on. it ambulance balances eventually. and deals with entitlement. the driver of the debt. house republics in this
3:45 pm
respect have done their job. that is ignored in the discussion about this. to say to harry reid why aren't you passing the budget? >> bret: a couple new polls out today. fox news polling. 83% of those polled said the government spending is out of control. you can see it going up from 2009. managed care came in at 111% -- 11%. should debt creel being raised? only after major cut came in at 69%. toomey has proposal for a law to prioritize. take a listen to this.
3:46 pm
>> we'd have three payments. one on the interest on the debt. and second is social security to seniors. the third is pay for active duty military personnel. >> that is the second plan that they say the three-month increase. prioritize payment and don't raise it. >> is it the wrong way to go. that is the wrong way to think of. this if republicans aren't thinking of how to do what is a massive shutdown, because it means every dollar the government spends it has to go without spending 40 cents. that is what we borrow. we no long ver the authority to do it. republicans ought not talk about the tra conian cuts. the president will turn it against them with fiscal cliff and last debt negotiations and he did a couple days ago. saying i won't be able to do the air traffic control.
3:47 pm
because of a small reasonable budget in senate. you have democrats continuously on what is democratic problem, refusal to do anything serious about spending and debt. >> bret: brit hume if he were here would say the loose term default. >> describing a slow con vo le sense of the republican party. that is realistic and steve is overstating how much good they can do. hole is deep. >> slow and steady. continual application of pain. [ laughter ] >> bret: next up, the friday
3:48 pm
lightning round. ÷÷
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3:51 pm
>> bret: every week viewers vote for your choice online. this, our friday lightning round. and this week, this week winner and losers won with 40% of the vote. we want to give you the latest hostage situation in algeria. take a listen to today's sound on this. >> terrorists should be on notice. they will find no sanction ware, no refuge, not in algeria. not in north africa. not anywhere.
3:52 pm
>> this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. they are the ones who assaulted this facility. >> bret: secretary of state making no bones about it. this time they are terrorists. we know one american has been killed and we don't know how many others may be held hostage but an ongoing situation. back with the panel. steve? >> you have think the obama administration deserves credit for calling it like it. people blunt and describing it like it is. everybody understands it's unfolding. i don't think that leon panetta's threat are going to ring true to terrorists who have watched now for four months as there haven't been repercussions for the attack in benghazi. we have f.b.i. agents on the field that come up with nothing. one person in custody is released. mocking and threatening the united states government. it's not a threat that will
3:53 pm
ring true to jihadists on the ground in the region. >> bret: chuck? >> this raid by algeria produced a murky situation. it's not even clear, bret, that the man who died, the american was actually killed or may have died of a heart attack. >> bret: died of a heart attack. we're reporting. >> there is a lot we don't know. whatever you say about the algeria response it spared the world protracted hostage crisis. they have gone in a bloody and seemingly sloppy way. but they have enabled the situation to come a point that the united states won't find itself caught in a long drawn out -- >> here is what we don't know. we believe at this hour it's still continuing. at this hour it's still ongoing. trying to negotiate for the release of the blind sheikh. they believe this is not over. so, while some part of is it over, -- >> i am saying it won't go on for months and months the way
3:54 pm
it would have if there was a siege or decision not been made to go in militarily at all. >> bret: charles? >> i agree. this is not a precision operation. a lot of hostages died. i think the reason is the algerians fought for ten years against exactly these islamis islamists. in a terribly bloody and cruel war that islamists lost. these are the remnants of that rebellion. the algerian government has no intention of giving them any victory or others said a sound stage to announce demands. and revive essentially the islamists in algeria. so i suspect there will be no westerners who get involved in this. the algerians will finish it one way or the other. >> bret: winners and losers? >> winner, president of france. who at least now his
3:55 pm
popularity, a socialist. the last person you expect to end in a force to mali but he is upholding that the french people think of monroe doctrine of france. it's their backyard and not taken over by enemies like jihadists. losers are lance armstrong. manti teo for reasons that don't have to be explained. i thought last night i think both of them end up on oprah. >> bret: manti teo welcome on "special report" but i don't think he will come. >> bret: chuck? >> i agree with charles. the winner this week, and in addition to what it has done to the president popularity, it sends a message to europe there are things to fight for. pacifist at times continent.
3:56 pm
my loser is boeing. 787, the big new jet. grounded due to technical difficulty. >> bret: steve? >> the big winner is scott walker. the gor, act ten budget reforms upheld by federal appeals court today. so the meth to turn it in a surplus of $350 million were constitutionally sound. he has approval rating of 55% in a poll plus seven democratic. loser is harry reid. the senate is not doing their job he will receive tough questions and keep the red
3:57 pm
state democrats in line for all the discussions. culture issues and others. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for the latest on the diversity debate surrounding the white house. [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
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